Senior PHP Backend Developer (m/f/d)

Senior PHP Backend Developer (m/f/d)

14 sep

14 sep


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We are the market leader for rental car price comparison in Germany and a pioneer in the booming market of camper vans in France, Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany. But we have even bigger plans for our future! We will become the number one platform for self driven mobility in Europe.

Those who want to actively drive from one place to another will find convenient solutions to do so on our platform.

This is why we offer our customers the best mobility match from the rental and shared sector, for everyday life and on vacation.

The basis for this is our smoothly operating booking platform. If you want to further optimize this and realize our vision together with us, join us in Cologone or Alicante as:


- Backend development in one of our agile teams that take care of our booking route, our APIs, the integration of partners or the expansion of our customer services.

- Continuous optimization and improvement of existing software using modern methods and architecture

- You evaluate innovative and exciting ideas together with your interdisciplinary team and product owner and implement them in an agile and responsible way. 

- Support of A/B tests and integration of customer feedback into the development process


- Appreciative, familiar and agile corporate culture with low hierarchies and many opportunities to make an impact. 

- Working in a modern cloud environment (AWS, Terraform, etc.) including an internal cloud for experimenting with emerging tech trends.

- Continuous integration and peer reviews of your merge requests to ensure the quality of your code

- Automated build pipelines and continuous deployment.

- Support for personal development through regular team reviews, Open Fridays, or the opportunity to participate in training or online courses.

- Flexible working hours, modern offices in the centers of Cologne and Alicante, as well as flexible and practiced remote work models. Currently, of course, we are 100% remote.


- You are proficient in PHP and have already successfully implemented several major projects.

- Quality awareness, independent work and problem solving characterizes you. 

- We are team players, so you should be one too. You can expect a team that listens and wants to be heard. We encourage team members to disagree when making an important decision and to commit to the decision once it has been made.

- For you, it goes without saying to continuously work on your and our further development to keep track professionally. You like to share your experience and support less experienced colleagues with your know-how on an eye-to-eye level.

- You may tried out Gitlab, Docker, AWS or similar tech.

- You are able to communicate with your co-workers in English. For some teams, additionally German is highly appreciated.


- Linux, Nginx, and Apache

- PHP and Symfony

- Perl

- Algolia


- JavaScript and React (frontend)

- TypeScript (frontend)

- styled-components (frontend)

- And much more ...

You wonder which TOOLS we work with?

Here is an excerpt:

- Docker

- Gitlab

- VS Code and/or PHPStorm

- Kibana and Elasticsearch

- InfluxDB and Grafana

- New Relic

- Optimizely (frontend)

Sounds like the right job for you?

Then apply now, including salary expectations and starting date, via our application management system.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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